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which cardigans are good

The following are some cardigans in woolen base which can be easily washable and best for your daily heavy use.

This kind of cardigans are good for as an get together or any festivals.In that cardigans the white color gives the sober looks where the black strip on the edge gives a artistic and stylish tough.

That’s simply in different look.The belt and shape gives a look of an trench coat style format where the strips or pattern gives a finishing in the look and make it different from a very simple cardigans.The color also gives a pleasant look and that will be washable as that made on wool.You can use that kind of woolen cardigans in market,club,vegetable market and house.

That design is different from a open sided cardigans where the 4 buttons gives a dashing look.The color is too simple.You can choose more better color.The white color shade with black button also look good.But simply black with white buttons will not goes well.That gives a professional look also.You can use that for your professional purpose beside for outdoor trip.

That’s based on embroidery.A different color knitting on the base color which gives a shape of an object.That can be any object.But that also look good.But not for an aged person.If you are young and less than 20 you can follow these style and good for your home use and for a meeting with a friend in their house purpose.

That kind of cardigans are sleeveless cardigans where you can wear a full top,t-shirt or shirt under that.That combination can be better.But you can try for some more.The pattern of oval gives a nice look.And as that half not in full cardigans that’s gives a elegant look on that.Good for old women.Age 30-60.If you are young you can also choose that one but for you full shirt under that is mandatory according to us.

The color is too basic but one color.You can choose some different color rather than white also.But white and black can provide you a perfect dress sense for an official meeting if you are too fed up with your same blazers.

stylish cardigansThese are cardigans which are open edged by center and come with cotton with thin.Very stylish in look wise and these are completely full based.Good color combination.Diamond style checkers give an casual look.Good for outdoor.But nt good for meeting and official use.

That can give you a sexy look and fashion.More over not accepted for your official and party use.But can be best for pregnant women.

Cardigans are more other type also.But these are very commonly used everywhere.Woolen cardigans are differ based on wool also.Some times the coating on wool are very poor these cardigans are not long lasted for long days.After some days,after some wash the fiber of wool comes out.So be aware about that and local made product.Cardigans are not too costly like coat and blazers yet they can differ in prize based on the quality,design and size.

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    nice collection.I liked the third one.But from where i will buy those.

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