winter coats for women

puffy jackets for women

Puffy jackets are based on foam kind of things where the in between of the two air are stayed.Puffy jackets are smooth in the outer surface.Maximum are made in style and come in a different look.Puffy jackets for women are come in different color like black,white,grey,green,reddish etc.Mostly these jackets are come with high neck wise and good for the winter season.These puffy jackets are able to protect from wind and cold weather.Good to protect from the rain also.Most of the puffy coat come with nylon shell and polyester.These kind of coat is light weight but take too much space at the time of packing as the most of the coat of puffy are come with air base and nylon.Less chance for crease but if the coat is keep in the same way of packing for long days then might be crease can be come on the coat.

puffy jackets for women

That following coat is 100% nylon shell, 100% polyester lining with lightweight poly fill based.Zip-through cadet collar, Front zippered pockets which means in the front pockets are closed with zippers.Collar is closed using cadet and zip through from bottom to top to enclosed the coat properly.In the three color that puffy jackets come with these are black,Marshmallow(a pattern and shade of white) and Plum Purple(a shade of light purple with pink base).

The above jacket is cost around $55 and sleeveless puffy jackets which shows that it is stylish puffy jacket.Most of the puffy jackets are come in full hand based.

That puffy jackets color is red and it can also says a long down coat of parka.Like other that puffy jacket is also based on 100% Polyester with micro porous coating and DWR.

Puffy jackets are best in the starting of winter season.But lot of people try to avoid puffy jackets only for the low quality look of that.Lot of brands are manufactured puffy jackets and which are available in market.These are costly but look wise great.Black puffy jackets are good but better to choose some other color.Puffy jackets come with different designs are best to choose for wear.A common pattern of puff are not well as it can decrease the look and feel of the jacket.But in some way these are really good.The first is washing.Puffy jackets are easy to wash and as these are made on polyester base so easily washable.Only problem is the color of jacket can be fade if water is more salted and try to wash with local detergent.

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  1. Smith says:

    In a winter country except summer puffy jackets are best to wear throgh out the year.In winter season rather than a umbrella and rainy coat i like to wear puff jackets.As that not only save bod from cold even help to protect from rain and snoowfall.

  2. Joro says:

    The above puff jackets are too stylish and color used here is rarely found.Stylish puffy jackets have a high deeman.I like to wear most of the time in winter when the cold are less.For extremely coldest day that not a right choice.

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